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A message from Dr. Ali Ashrafizadeh,

The chair of the executive committee of IICEE2017

K. N. Toosi University of Technology will host the 5th Iran International Conference on Engineering Education (IICEE2017) in Tehran,Iran from Tuesday November 21,2017 until  Thursday November 23,2017. The theme of the 5th conference is "internationalization of the engineering education".

Technical sessions will span two days and will feature keynote speakers,panel discussions in planetary sessions,and paper presentation sessions. The banquet will be held on Tuesday night,November 21 and the closing ceremony will be held on Wednesday night,November 22. Conference workshops will be held on Thursday November 23.

Iran Society of Engineering Education (ISEE) is a rather young professional society which aims at the improvement of the quality of engineering education in Iran. The bi-annual conferences on engineering education are regular events supervised by ISEE as part of the activities to achieve its goals. Many policy-makers,scientists from universities,academicians from the Academy of Sciences of Iran and industrial managers attend the conference due to its importance.

Previous conferences of engineering education in Iran were held at the University of Tehran (2009),Isfahan University of Technolgy (2011),Sharif University of Technology (2013) and Shiraz University (2015). Papers presented at the previous conferences are accessible through the ISEE website at


The goal of the ISEE is to develop,promote and improve the quality of engineering education in Iran and to enhance educational and research activities in all engineering disciplines. As such,the bi-annual conferences draw together researchers in engineering education to highlight recent advances and challenges encountered in a broad range of areas and to facilitate scientific and technical exchange. Paper submissions are encouraged in all topics of current interest in the field of engineering education.

Topics of interest include but are not limited to:

  • Internationalization of engineering education
  • Engineering education with environment and sustainability in mind
  • Curriculum design and enhancement
  • Combining engineering education with art,social and management sciences
  • Promoting ethics in engineering education
  • Reports on achievements and challenges regarding engineering education in universities
  • Case studies in engineering education
  • Reports on teaching experiences
  • Engineering Accreditation
  • Experiences regarding Co-op and internship programs
  • New and innovative educational technologies: online courses,Multimedia systems,etc.
  • Research and findings regarding learning,teaching,exam and evaluation
  • Building bridges between engineering educational institutes and the industry
-Sincerely yours,
Dr. Ali Ashrafizadeh
The chair of the executive committee of IICEE2017

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